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Homestead Manager Version 1.13

You do not need to uninstall a previous version of Homestead Manager before you install a newer version.   Additionally, the Homestead Manager install is always a full release so you never need to install 'intermediary' releases before updating to the most current.  

Homestead Manager works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and higher.   (Either 32 or 64 bit)   Will not work with 'Windows RT' (Non-Intel tablet)

Download Now

If you have not purchased Homestead Manager, the above download can be used in "trial" mode for 30 days.

Version Changes

Version 1.13 - March 6, 2016

  •   Added "Select All" and "Deselect All" buttons to list for the Query screens.
  •  For Query Events, the Event Type screen also has a "Select based on Filter' that allows selection by event categories.
  •  For Query Events, added a "Modified" tab that allows selection of events based on last modified date (or for a new event, when it was added).  For example, this provides an easy means to find all events added/modified for a calendar year.
  •  Disallow email from Pedigree query if email not set up.

Version 1.12 - February 1, 2014

  •  Image (Multimedia) screens totally rewritten and initial support for Videos and Documents.
  •  "Location Tracking" now can be turned off (allows entry of events without a location)
  •  Miscellaneous fixes

Version 1.11 - December 15, 2013

  •  Financial Records per animal or homestead
  •  'Animals Clipboard' for quick entry of 1 to 63 animals at a time
  •  Update to Pig Breeds
  •  Updated Help
  •  Miscellaneous fixes

Version 1.10 - August 4, 2013

  •  Added Incubation Records
  •  Update to Specie information, run Wizard to apply changes.
  •  Changes to Specie dialog.  If the 'Eggs' option selected, heat and breeding reminders will be disabled.
  •  Breeding clipboard information now on 'All' Report.
  •  Fix to 'backup directory' and 'export location' use on options screen.
  •  Homestead Manager no longer 'auto launched' after install because of issues with 'Administrative Rights'.
  •  Breeding clipboard checkboxes now 'sticky'.
  •  Added 'Export' and 'Email' to Breeding clipboard.

Version 1.09 - April 14, 2013

  •  Added Egg Production Records (Egg Clipboard, Add/Edit Eggs, Query Eggs, Reports). You may need to change your specie records to allow 'Eggs' for applicable Species.
  •  Reworked Pedigree Screen. (Additional enhancements coming)
  •  Added Events Query
  •  Added export and email button to Milking Query screen.
  •  Added Milking Clipboard Options
  •  Added Default Location and Date by Event Type
  •  Added Quail as species
  •  Reworked Option screens
  •  Regional settings used to pick Metric or Imperial measurements as default.
  •  Exporting lists now suppresses hidden columns from output
  •  Help screen updates
  •  Update to License Agreement
  •  Hide email button from list screen if email not configured.
  •  Location deletion now 'smarter' with regards to non-event records that use Location
  •  Report options screen for 'by Category' now allows selection of category from that screen
  •  Remember last selected 'type' (xml, html, etc.) when exporting list
  •  Removed Internal ID values from drop down list on clipboards.
  •  Fix to Specie and Breed dropdown list processing. (Under specific circumstances selection changes weren't saved)
  •  Fixed issue with use of 'trial' which could prevent usage during first 12 hours.
  •  Fixed issue with Date and Time processing for non-US regions.

Version 1.08 - January 1, 2013

  •  Added "Medical Inventory" support. 
  •  "Editing in Place" for Details 2 list.
  •  Added an 'Export' button on the 'View", "Lists" display. 
  •  Added 'Email' support for reports and exported data.
  •  Added 'help' to most screens.
  •  Miscellaneous usability improvements.
  •  Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 1.07 - January 16, 2012

  •  Fixed one of the 'tab' screens for Milk Query
  •  "Find" function on 'lists' display (and reminders) now greatly enhanced. (find across columns, forward and backward buttons)
  •  Added 'external' reminder program for Homestead Manager reminders. (So that you are notified of reminders when they come due even if you don't run Homestead Manager) After install reboot or start the external reminder program from shortcut.
  •  If no homestead is open, the 'reminders' menu items are now properly disabled.
  •  Changes to installation program
  •  New Icons
  •  Left mouse button on reminder dialog date field will invoke calendar
  •  Fix to Check for update (only an issue when run at Homestead Manager start)

Version 1.06 - September 2, 2011

  •  Added "Reminders". (General, Animal, Next Planned Procedure and Breeding) 
  •  Added an 'x' in front of non-active animals on main display (if non-active animals are not suppressed from the display)
  •  Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 1.05 - March 20, 2011

  •  Added 'Rename Homestead' (On the 'File' menu)
  •  Added 'Breeding Clipboard' which includes 'heat' information for some species. 
  •  Added 'Clipboards' to main menu.
  •  The 'Wizard' to add species and related information to the database has been re-written to be more responsive.
  •  'BR' record (Breeding) in main details list now will show date of current status (Delivered, Due, etc. date). Additionally, the 'dam' and 'sire' label in the 'details 2' list will show dam/sire label if specified in the specie record.
  •  Add/Edit animal screen now allows setting of both 'born' and 'died' information.
  •  Add/Edit animal screen now allows setting of gestation and heat information at the animal level. (Overrides breed and specie record)
  •  Add/Edit animal screen now has 'offspring' button to show a list of offspring for that animal.
  •  "Breeds" can now be displayed from the edit Specie dialog. (And setting gestation or heat to 0 or a breeding reminder to blanks will cause that equivalent field to be updated for all breed records for that specie as well)
  •  Reworked the "Gestation" tab for Breeding. (Added additional options)
  •  Fix to database update routine (when program updates homestead with new features) to prevent "Column Not Found" error.

Version 1.04 - December 27, 2010

  •  Added ability to add Milking records.   (Also new "Query" function for searching for Milking records)
  •  Added a "By Category" report that allows printing the animals in a particular category.
  •  Added Report Options (for the "By Animal" and "By Category" report) which allows turning on or off the type of data you wish to see on the report.
  •  The Dam/Sire information shown in the details list on the main screen when an animal is selected will now show pedigree dam/sire if available. Also true for reports.
  •  The 'delete' key is now functional on the details lists on the main dialog.
  •  Body Score field (Characteristics) for Kilograms now allow you to press '.' to tab to decimal field from whole number field.
  •  Specie Gestation information will automatically update in users database from default data if not set by user.
  •  Fixed bug when editing specie record... would not save gestation information if you tried to change it.

Version 1.03 - October 31, 2010

  •  Added "By Category" as a report to allow you to print all animals for a specific category.
  •  Added Report Options (for the "By Animal" and "By Category" Reports)
  •  The Dam/Sire information shown in the details list on the main screen when an animal is selected will now show pedigree dam/sire if available. Also true for reports.

Version 1.01 - June 27, 2010

  •  Added a new Pedigree screen for quick addition or editing of related animals.  (See "Edit" menu)   Also added "PD" type record to the events list which, when selected, shows pedigree information in the details list.
  •  Remove button on breeding screen now uses a green X to more properly reflect that it's an animal removal from the breeding record, not a deletion of the animal from the database.
  •  Added ability to specify the backup path.  (Found the the "Tools", "Options" dialog)
  •  On the "View", "Contacts" and "View", "Lists" dialogs there is now a "Usage" Button that can be used to display how a particular item is used by the Homestead.  (For example, this allows you to see what animals use a contact record)
  •  Miscellaneous minor fixes.

Version 1.00 - March 28, 2010

  •  Original release