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Good stewardship requires good record-keeping.   Whether you have just few pets, a hobby farm of mixed livestock, or a bigger farm with bigger plans, you need a system for keeping track of immunizations, due dates, veterinary visits, and other health records. 

Homestead Manager is livestock management software designed specifically for the needs of smallholders and hobby farmers.   The program lets you easily enter birth records, estimate due dates, and keep track of immunizations and other animal health records.   Sort your animal records by pasture, farm site, or by species. Use the built-in address book for instant access to contact information for your vet, customers, breeders you've purchased from, or your favorite suppliers.
There's no limit on the number of animals you can list in Homestead Manager and no need to buy additional modules for each type of animal.  Technical support is free and just an email away.  

We use Homestead Manager ourselves and continue adding new features requested by the hobby farmers and small landowners who are our customers.   Please contact us at if you have an enhancement request.