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What is Homestead Manager?

Homestead Manager is an affordable animal record keeping program for your homestead, ranch or farm.

How hard is it to install?

Installation is simple and easy.  The user guide shows screen by screen how to install although it should be self explanatory.  Simply download the install executable and run.

Does Homestead Manager have a help or user guide?

Homestead Manager effective with Version 1.08 has in program help.   An older user guide can still be found HERE but will no longer be updated.

What type of support will I get with Homestead Manager?

Northern Hills Software offers free unlimited email support for Homestead Manager.   We answer all emails in a timely manner.  If you do not get an answer from us within 1 business day, check your 'junk' email filters to make sure that our response wasn't "trapped" as SPAM.

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What are the system requirements?

Homestead Manager fully supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and higher with a screen resolution of 800 x 600 or higher.     Homestead Manager works on either 32 or 64 bit versions of the Windows Operating System.

Homestead Manager will work on a Windows tablet as long as it is not 'Windows RT'.  (Which is a non-Intel processor tablet)

You also will need some animals!

How much do updates to the program cost?

All version 1 updates are free for current Version 1 users. 

How can I get Homestead Manager?

Homestead Manager is sold directly from Northern Hills Software on this website.   We also offer a 30-day “trial” version that is fully functional.

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What is the difference between the Trial and the purchased version?

The “Trial” (Unregistered) version is a “try before you buy” version.   It is fully functioning for up to 30 days.

Does Homestead Manager support international characters?

Yes, Homestead Manager fully supports international character sets.   At the moment there are no non-English translated versions, but if you are interested in providing the translation to your native language, please Contact Northern Hills Software at mailto:Develop@NorthernHillsSoftware.com.

I was using the "trial" version.  How do I now install the full version?

A new installation is not necessary.  When you purchase Homestead Manager you will be sent an email with instructions on how to get your registration / unlock code which will convert the 'trial' version to the full production version.