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If you have problems during download or install where either seems to only take a few seconds and nothing happens, it's possible that you have files in your windows temporary directories that are interfering.  You can cleanup the temporary directories using a utility provided by Microsoft.  The following example is from Windows XP, but this should be similar for other versions of Windows:

1. "Start" menu

2. "Programs" menu

3. "Accessories" menu

4. "System Tools" menu

5. "Disk Cleanup"

6. Select the drive that contains your temporary directories.  This is likely to be your "C" drive. 

7. Press OK - at this point it will take a few minutes while it gathers information.  No changes are occurring yet.

8. You will then see a screen like the folloiwng:

9. Pick the items you want to cleanup, the one applicable to this situation is "Temporary Files".  Press OK, when ready to perform the cleanup.